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How to Reset Fitbit charge 3

how to reset fitbit charge 3

Fitbit charge 3 provides insight into your body, health and everything in between the more you know yourself, the happier you can be. Much of the time your fitbit work efficiently, but you need to learn how to reset fitbit charge 3 when you give it someone else.

Fitbit charge 3 has advanced features easily recognize different kinds of activities such as walking, swimming, sports and so on through fitbit app. It monitors activity, such as steps, distance and burned calories to demonstrate how each aspect of your day has an effect on your objectives.

Fitbit charge 3 is helpful for wearers to attend phone calls from the device, play as well as listen music apart from this its screen is rectangular and lighter weight which suits on  wrist.

In order to restart fitbit charge 3, simply attach with power wire and hold up to 10 seconds, when the logo and some data shown on screen of fitbit, it means the device is reset and should be working properly.

How to reset fitbit charge 3?

In many situations, rebooting is an operative technique. You can just turn on and off your robot tracker in order to follow instructions, how to reset fitbit charge 3 without deleting informational data.

Resetting fitbit is solution in only that situation, when you may find that your fitbit tracker cannot be synchronized with your mobile, unable to respond to your tabs, charge but does not turn on and cannot monitor functions properly.

There is variety of models available some don’t contain factory resetting option, but the steps of resetting fitbit vary from model to model.

Now, it’s time to start the tracker, when you face difficulty in track and associate with fitbit charge 3. From the clock face lash out towards setting and robot tool to switch on tracker.

So, let’s know the steps of resetting fitbit charge 3:

Step – 1:

Tracker will be attached from both sides, one side to the charging cable and other to USB port. The pins on the charging cable locked securely with port.

Step – 2:

Without letting go of button pin and grip the button up to 2 seconds. After pressing the button, remove the charging cable and wait approximately 8 to 9 seconds.

Step – 3:

Le, release button hold it again.

Step – 4:

When you saw a flash on white screen and “ALT”, release the button then keep it again.

Step – 5:

After that tracker will vibrate then do again the same process.

Step – 6:

This is an optional step, it happen when you find error. If screen shows error then let go of and press it.

Step – 7:

When you saw the word “ERASE” on screen then simply release the button which shows the tracker will turn off.

Step – 8:

In order to turn on your tracker attach it charging cable and USB port and holding the button continuously. Resetting was well heeled when tracker shows 0.0 reading.

Step – 9:

Once, it get restarted, remove the charging cable from fitbit tracker.

If the tracker is not responding than follow this instructions:

  • Firstly took the USB port and plug the charging cable into then attach it with the back end of tracker device.
  • It must sure that tracker and cable button opening must be run parallel. On the vibration of tracker, battery pops up on your screen.
  • Press a button and continuously hold up to 10 seconds when icon shows on the screen.

There is two resetting operation you can use any one of depends on situation.

Hard resetting operation

Hard resetting operation is helpful to resolve software related problems which were mostly happen in mobile phone. This reset setting clear the all data and back phone at its original position. Ist another name of factory resetting.

  • By the pressing the button on your fitbit tracker, turn on system.
  • Move towards the settings app on device.
  • Go to the about
  • Then finally select the factory reset option to reset fitbit charge 3.

Soft resetting operation

You can use soft resetting operation those condition, when your fitbit charge 3 was freezing. This reset does not remove your past data. That’s why it is called as restarting.

  • To connect the charging cable with USB port on charger
  • Form other side charging cable connect with fitbit tracker.
  • Pin and grip button approximately 8 seconds.
  • When tracker vibrates and display shown ion screen it will be restarted.
  • Then In final, just disconnect the connection.
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