How to find saved jobs on LinkedIn

How to find saved jobs on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is not just a business-related social media connection site, has grown into an all-in-one tool that caters to the needs of the various sized organization and recruiters in search of the workforce. For freelancers and other job seekers, there are ways that help in how to find saved jobs on LinkedIn. For a professional or a student, it’s a famous site to network and explore job opportunities.

There are more than 160 million users and over 30 million companies using this site in the US. A lot of recruiting companies and human resource managers rely on LinkedIn to source and hire professionals.

LinkedIn has become a useful application for recruiters and HR managers, in finding the right candidates to fill a vacancy. It Is also helping freelancers and other job seekers in finding their dream job. Many CEO, working professionals, and businesses find LinkedIn to be an invaluable asset in reaching their career or business goals.

No doubt LinkedIn is a leading job-searching site, and many of its features are made so that it’s easy for the job seeker to browse on this site. One of the most important features, it allows job seekers to ‘save’ a job that appeals to them, and they can even look at saved jobs for later use.

Saving and Managing Jobs on LinkedIn

There are many jobs that one is inclined to and one must oversee the saved jobs on LinkedIn. Here’s what you need to do.

LinkedIn saved jobs for Desktop Users

It takes time and effort to search for a job position, saving it is simple, just by clicking the ‘Save’ button on the job details page. But how to find saved jobs on LinkedIn desktop site, here is what you need to do step-by-step:

LinkedIn saved jobs

How to view saved jobs on LinkedIn

Log in to the LinkedIn account.

Click ‘Jobs’ on the dashboard at the top of your account.

Click the ‘Track My Jobs’ button at the top of the dashboard above the search bar to see saved jobs on LinkedIn.

How to find saved jobs on LinkedIn and apply for a job

If you need to apply to your saved jobs, go to the ‘Saved Jobs’ list, hit on one of the saved items, look at the job details, and begin the application process.

How to see saved jobs on LinkedIn and unsave a job

If you want to delete an item from your saved list, simply press the ‘Cancel’ icon on the job title on its right side. Another way of doing this is to click the job and click the ‘Unsave’ button located at the top of the job details page.

LinkedIn saved jobs for Mobile Users

We have learned how to find saved jobs on LinkedIn desktop, we can do the same on the mobile phone? Different mobile phones have Separate operating systems, and they have setups that are different from one another. Keeping this in mind, we explore how Android and iOS users can manage LinkedIn saved jobs on their phones.

LinkedIn saved jobs on Android

To save a job: Just click ‘Save’ on the job details page and it is done.

To access saved jobs on LinkedIn: Click the ‘Jobs’ icon, the one that resembles a suitcase on your LinkedIn mobile app. Click the ‘Saved Jobs’ button under the search bar. On the ‘Jobs’, tap the job you need to open.

To unsave a job: Next to job click the More Icon, on the three vertically aligned dots. When there, find the ‘Unsave This Job’ icon and click it.

LinkedIn saved jobs on iOS

To save a job: Same as in Android, on the iOS LinkedIn app, by tapping ‘Save’ on the job details page you can save a job.

To access saved jobs on LinkedIn: Click the ‘Jobs’ icon, the one that resembles a suitcase on your LinkedIn mobile app. Click the ‘Saved Jobs’ button under the search bar. On the ‘Jobs’ icon, tap the job you need to open

To un-save a job: This is the only change between LinkedIn saved job tasks on Android and iOS.  In Android, the ‘More’ icon looks like three vertically aligned dots, but in iOS, it appears as three horizontal dots. The functions remain the same, just tap on the ‘More’ icon and click ‘Unsave This Job’ from the menu.

Using LinkedIn Effectively to Get a Job

In addition to features relating to how to find saved jobs on LinkedIn, there are many other ways you can make use of LinkedIn to your advantage and secure your next better position.

Keep your profile updated

Adding a picture to your profiles on LinkedIn gets 14 per cent more page views than those that don’t have a profile picture. Similarly, people who put a list of kills on their profile have a 13 per cent chance of attracting more eyes than those without. Be sure to update your profile page at least every three months to remain connected to your audience and stay ahead of your competition.

Highlight your skills strategically

On LinkedIn users can list up to 50 skills, which is more than what companies want in an employee. When arranging the skills always put first the most pertinent to your current job and the other skills down the list.

Highlight your experiences

Manage your work experience in such a way that it is instantly visible to anyone viewing your page, so apart from putting your past work experience in the space for experience. It would be smart to put a concise version of your experience into your profile summary section. Write your career growth summary in a very convincing manner which tells everything about you.


Update your profile and experience. Mention all your skills relevant to your experience. Send any articles you write, and posted videos, as updates. Get engaged with groups and interact with others on LinkedIn. In this way, how to find saved jobs on LinkedIn will not remain an unsolved question. The more you interrelate and post as a professional, the more you’ll be noticed and build appreciation.

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Written by Harriet Wetton

I love to write on multiple things but here i will try to teach you how to do everything easily and perfectly.

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