How to Restring a Guitar

How to Restring a Guitar

Restringing a guitar is a great, basic skill that endured guitarists can serve from learning. Especially if you are on the street with your guitar or there is no local music repository to run to, you’ll want to learn how to restring a guitar on your own.

The strings on an electric guitar need to change more regularly than the strings of steel-string or classic guitars, depending on the method and joints.

While expert players likely improve their strings monthly, or earlier, most professionals change strings within or after every 3-4 months. Restrings your electric guitar is an outspoken and straightforward process, though it takes some training.

Here are some simple steps to follow when you need to know how to restring a guitar.

Find the Proper Area for the Job

Before starting to determine how to restring a guitar, there are a few things that you keep in mind. the very first and important thing is to find a very clean, tidy, and neat area, where you can sit easily and restring the guitar. It’s better if the place is quiet and peaceful.

the neat and clean place will make sure that during restringing the guitar you do not miss or drop any tool or gadget. we hope and much sure that you don’t want to pause your restringing process in the mid and go to find the small nuts you just lost or dropped.

Also, a quiet place is highly suggested to restring the guitar, quiet place will help you to focus when you are tuning your guitar after stringing it.

How to restring a guitar

Set the Guitar Properly

Set the guitar before restring it

Setting the guitar is the final step before you start to recognize how to restring a guitar. It requires a way to support the neck of your guitar.

You don’t need to steadily with your guitar while you’re restringing it. You need a cheap guitar stand if you can’t afford the stand you can also balance it standing with the wall.

Remove The Old Strings

The first thing you need to do when you start restringing your guitar is to remove the old strings. lose the pressure of the strings by turning the tuning key. it may require trying the tuning key and both methods to find the way which loosens it and tightens it.

When the strings are completely loose, you need to remove the strings from the tuning post and then push them. Repeat the same process for all strings.

Remove the Bridge Pins from The Bridge

Remove old bridge pins of guitar

If you have the electronic guitar, then should be ready to pick the string off from the back of the guitar bridge. However, if your guitar is acoustic, you should pull off the pins first and try to remove the pins first in order to determine how to restring a guitar.

Many people use the nick that is made into the string winder. But if you have a very low budget you can do it with your fingers. if your nails are long then they will going to help you a lot and will make your task much easier.

All you need to do is search and get something strong and tiny small that will hold the pins tightly and pull them out easily. Once the pins are pulled off you can remove the string easily from inside the bridge.

Unwind Your Strings

Removing the strings from the electric guitar is a difficult task and quite different from the others. You just have to unwind the strings from the tuning pins first. The best way is to use the pins in an anti-clockwise movement until all string is completely loose.

Once they all are slack, remove the strings from the tuning pegs and then pull them free from the tail. Be careful during pulling it off because it can hurt you. So be careful on the way of learning how to restring a guitar.

Clean the Guitar

Clean the guitar before restring

Before putting some new string on your guitar, it is suggested that you should clean the fretboard. It’s too necessary to know how to restring a guitar. Cleaning will keep it fresh and neat. If your guitar fretboard is rosewood, then you should use a little bit of fretboard oil. Unlike the other woods, it requires a little bit more attention and cares.

If you can’t get the fretboard oil, then you can also use any other good magma oil as a trick. Keep it in your mind that you can’t use vegetable oil or cooking oil. They are not good for rosewood so try to avoid the use of these oils. Mineral oils are available at a very cheap price at any pharmaceutical store.

Add the new strings

When your guitar fretboard is clean and it’s looking fresh, now you can restring it and add new strings to it. That has to do necessarily because you want to know how to restring a guitar. So, it’s suggested to insert the new string in descending order of the stiffness from the thickest to leanest. When you placed the string into the bridge hole, you need to place back those connected pins that you removed. There is a little hole at the front of the pins that enable it to hold the string, so ensure it that all the string are lined up properly. 

When you line up all the pins, push the pins down into the bridge hole them lock the strings in their places. Don’t do it so tightly, keep in mind that you have to remove them back for next time. We need a tight string but not too much tight.

Repeat the same steps for the rest strings.


Restring the guitar is not as easy as we think, so here we have mentioned above some easy and simple steps that will help you to know how to restring a guitar easily.

How to restring a guitar string, start it by losing the old strings, remove the bridge pins, and then clean the fretboard of the guitar. Once you cleaned up all the dirt from the fretboard it’s time to insert the new strings into the pins. Push them in the hole, but don’t do it so tightly. Once you placed the new strings on then try them and tune them.

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Written by Harriet Wetton

I love to write on multiple things but here i will try to teach you how to do everything easily and perfectly.

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