How to Raid on Twitch

At the end of your channel live streaming on Twitch when you barge into another channel that is call Raiding. Twitch is a live video streaming platform and if you are a streamer you should learn How to Raid on Twitch. Being online with your viewer you can raid any channel and peep into their content and get to know their community.

Raiding by itself does not strike or leave much of an impact and to create “love at first sight” acceptance one must adapt a scintillating strategy to develop communication, so how should a stream raid be like with no eclipse between the raider and the raided.

A mind striking stream raid is one where your viewers are genuinely inquisitive in the content of the second streamer. They interrelate on the stream and poke the new broadcaster’s content while also promote you. Viewers usually forget and the raided channel becomes just an item in the browsing data but for you, it is a good way to get to know and interact with a friendly broadcaster.

How to Raid on Twitch

As a streamer, you can initiate a raid simply by using the Twitch raid command.

Step 1 – All you need to do is type:

/raid channel name

Then a pop-up box will appear warning your viewers to the raid.

If they do not want to join in they click to leave. Else their Twitch feed will automatically refresh to the channel you are raiding.

Step 2 – Checklist before you raid:

  • Inform the viewers you’re planning a raid, for them to join in on the hype.
  • Inform them who you’re raiding so they get ready. give them little details about the streamer who is raided.
  • Viewers should know the command to type into the chat of the channel you are raiding.

Step 3 – After 10 seconds override the timer and execute the raid.

Else it will be automatically executed after another 80 seconds passes.

The raided channel will also be hosted during the raid.

Raid Compatible Channels

To benefit from the raid both the raider and the raider should have some viewer standing otherwise neither of the two will benefit from the “Raid”. Search for channels that are near in size and content to your own.

Try to move and trend along with the same category/genre. But being competitive is not the issue instead considers them as potential partners from whom you can learn.

While learning “how to raid on Twitch” don’t expect that through the process of raiding your channel will gain viewers which in reality does not happen. For most broadcasters the probability that raiders that stay or revisit a channel are very little or nil.

Twitch is a platform for streamer-networking, to get the most out of raiding (or raided), your focus should be to seek out streamers with whom you might have the chance to work with at a later stage.

It’s not a fixed rule that you cannot raid small channels, don’t hesitate, have an open heart to help new streamers, try to make their day.

You can always join hands with streamers and collaborate to create exciting better content. This can take the form like streaming together, hosting each other, or by an exchange of services, and in doing so both can benefit and grow through cooperation.

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Interact with viewers off-stream

Make sure you relate with your audience not only on-stream but also off-stream! The best way to do this is by using Twitter, which is the most popular social media platform on Twitch. Make sure you get yourself a Discord server. They are free and can supply a medium for your viewers to intermingle via chat or by voice. Discord is available in several versions.

Feedback from other Channel

When relaxing the end of your stream, spend some time surfing channels with your viewers. Surf along with your viewers take their feedback, be reciprocal in the process, and keep it interactive and entertaining.

Before you raid ask your viewers who you should raid. Preference should be given to that channel that has an adequate number of subscribers and similar content.

Watch and follow the new streamer for some time with your chat and listen to their feedback. If your followers and you enjoy their content, pick that channel.

Networking through Raids

When raiding, ask your viewer to build up excitement and create hype.  No irrelevant messages or promotion of your channel. Tell them to give feedback about the experience they just had on the raided channel. The raiding channel viewers should send messages of praise to the raided channel.

Keeping in mind, our basic aim is to make a new contact within the streaming community. The other streamers will know that you have raided their channel, they don’t need praises of your followers. It will certainly raise their spirits and confidence that their content is liked, and it is more likely that you will be seen and accepted as their supporter.

The chat messages of praises sent by the raiding channel viewers will also make the raided channel to return the favor in the future. The impetus given will increase the chances of a future working relationship between the channels

In the process of Raiding (or being raided), there is a chance that the channel will lose its viewers depending on whose content is better. Some may stay some may go.

This should not be worrisome because your viewers found new content through your channel and your content and style will make them return.

Yell-OUT on Social Media

When you have raided the channel, send out a Tweet thanking your viewers for joining your stream and telling them who you raided link to their social media if you can.

Written by Harriet Wetton

I love to write on multiple things but here i will try to teach you how to do everything easily and perfectly.

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